Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

New Blog

Work on the new blog continues.....

In case you haven't heard from me already, I'm creating a new blog specifically for the horseback riding video games. I bought one as a joke last summer but actually got quite addicted to it.
Now I have people emailing me questions on how to get past certain parts of the game.....
I've been experimenting with Video Capturing software for game tutorial videos and I think I found the best one for what I want to do. So videos should be able to go up soon, and people can find solutions from watching them.
It's very hard to respond to people when I get busy with work.

I've also been working on the logo. This is a quick mock up of what it might look like. It will probably end up looking much different since I'm never actually happy with anything I draw :P

I've also done the character in flash so if I want to animate him at some point I totally can!!!

Never fear girls...your helpful website for the game is almost here!!!

UPDATE: Yeah the logo is lookin' pretty different now because I hate this one. Stay tuned!