Saturday, August 19, 2006

Zombie Walk 2006 - Vancouver

So...we participated in Zombie Walk 2006 today, and what craziness it was.

We started off at the art gallery, and got lots of funny looks on our way down there. It seemed not everyone in the city knew about this event. One woman looked very dissaproving at us, but everyone else was pretty cool. Those who were very intrigued asked us what the deal was so we told them...

When we got there, we joined the gaggle of Zombies. We took a few pics then headed out on the journey. We stuck to the sidewalk for the first couple blocks on Robson St. There was even a plainclothes police officer directing traffic when we came to the first set of lights.

As we got further down Robson however the zombies started to spill out onto the street, but just into the lane on our side; not into the oncoming traffic. I wasn't sure if we should be on the street or not so I stuck to the sidewalk. I'm pretty glad I did, because I heard a loud smash behind me a few blocks further. I turned around and about 12 feet behind me, someone had been hit by a car coming from behind. The front windshield was smashed, and by the time I turned to look, the guy who had been hit was already on the ground. He looked pretty hurt, but I don't think it was life threatening. But he still didn't look too Ok.

I don't know what had transpired between the zombies and that car because my back was to them, but I don't think running down a slow walking person was the smartest decision that driver could have made. But it sure pissed off the zombies. Pretty soon there were zombies going at the car. The car was in the process of trying to get away, and he managed to, but not before it took a bit more damage.

I heard later that the side mirrors had been kicked off, but man...that really shook a lot of us up.
If anyone knows the guy who was hit, and you manage to find this blog, could you please post a message if he's ok?

But the zombies kept on trucking. Nothing was gonna stop us, not even some dink in a car with a road rage problem. We're going to post the rest of our photos on our flickr site

crazy crazy day!


pinky said...

welcome to the world of blogs!

Erica Pitt said...

WOO, you found my blog. I can't promise a lot of interesting stuff, but I'll do what I can!

Erica Pitt said...

the dude that got hit is Ok.
Just an update there!!!