Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Full of Surprizes!!!

Today is definately a day to remember.
First of all, I saw on the news that a cow escaped from the Royal Winter Fair and broke into an electronics store.
And next I hear that Britney Spears has FINALLY filed for divorce with Kevin Federline. Oh K-Fed, you're so ridiculous....but when I think things can't get any more crazy, I see a commercial for a new live action production of Aladdin and guess who is playing the genie? None other than my favourite WWF wrestler of all time: Bret the Hitman Hart...

He even gets to do some wrestling action with a ring and ropes and everything. What the heck?

Oh November 7th, 2006, how I shall remember you always.

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Aaron said...

and there's more!! Fire emblem!!



woo woo!