Thursday, October 05, 2006

Little Big on Youtube

Our 3rd Year Animation group film project Little Big is now up on Youtube. The orignal concept was thought up by Anna Gopin. We worked long and hard on this film, but there's still a glitch or 2 here and there, but we got the whole thing coloured and composited. It turned out to be over 6 min and we just about died making it...but in the end I think all the struggles were worth it.

I have to thank Aaron White for teaching us how to colour and composite it and Chantelle Tokarz for doing the sound.

There's still a couple of glitches that we should get around to fixing at some point.

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pinky said...

hmm... I thought I posted something here... no time like the present!
congrads! this looks awesome you guys should be super proud!