Thursday, October 12, 2006

My blog exploded

I was just adding some links when I accidentally deleted some code which made my blog explode into an array of words.
It was quite frightening. I made a new blog and compared the code to find out what happened and I managed to fix it. This incident only reminds me why I didn't continue on with Computer Science at University.


Sam said...

ahahahaha. I have totally done that before. Which is why computers are not the bestest of friends. But in the case of computers, keep your enemies close, pretend to like them!! :)

Erica Pitt said...

yup........if you ever accidentally hit the space bar and it does something other than putting a know you're in trouble in blogsville. Oh boy...

but yeah. I'm glad I didn't have to start over again. If I had to write that Champion Dreams review again, God help me. hahaha man I wanna play that right now. NO, back to drawing I go.