Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Guild Wars Update

So...it's not really fun to post line tests of my animation (which is basically what I'm doing right now on my film)...so I thought I'd show off the new armour I got for my elementalist character in Guild Wars. Hahah...and Aaron and I created some new characters too.

I now have a female Warrior named Smoochy Muvums and Aaron has a male Elementalist named Robot Showerbucket. Fun times! Here's a few candid pics.

New armour covers less than before yet protects better? Hmmm...

Aaron's skull staff and lightnings floating around my head.

Warrior Princess and Aaron's dude looking a bit old with the grey hair...

Scaring his character with my Amazonian good looks.


Anonymous said...

does her head look too small for her body?


Robbie said...

Hah! Hahaha! Makes me laugh. I always wondered about the covers less/protects better aspect of game armour.

Erica Pitt said...

i hadn't noticed before but mayhaps her head is a little bit small.
Reminds me of myself with my child size head.

I gotta get you a PC so you can get into this game Robert! It's the fun times. Maybe the armour works like this....the more skin you show, the less the monsters and bad guys want to fight you because of your hotness!
that's my theory.

jessx2 said...

lol crazy stuff XD

thanx for the tamagotchi help! I've opened 2 new stores since then! hehehe

I finally updated my blog... btw... so I shall join u in the world of crazy blog posting!

pinky said...

okay... I know this will prolly erupt some... weird ass argument, but I was look'n at concept work for this game... and I think it impressed me more than wow. they had a lot of aawesome stuff
... yeah... I probably will get guild wars to check this buisness out.. haha

Erica Pitt said...

Yeah man...I can't wait to graduate and actually have some spare time to play this game again.

Aaron and I usually play on Saturday nights (please don't think us sad, haha) so that I don't go completely insane from all the work I'm doing on the film.


Aaron said...

Speaking of videogames - here's some fire emblem update action! Wiii!


Erica Pitt said...

OOooh when does Fire Emblem come out?

The Path or Radience one for Game CUbe is my favvvvvvourite game ever.

Aaron said...

no release date yet! http://gonintendo.com/wp-content/photos/scan_07_02.jpg
more pictures! woooo.

Sam said...

I love how on your blog it's like a continuing conversation :) Especially with the posts down below requiring your help for Champion Dreams. Too funny!!! (also very helpful and informative)