Friday, January 19, 2007

Xmas Haul

So here's a few pics of some of me and Aaron's Christmas haul.....

I got him a remote controlled Dalek from Dr. Who. (It moves and says different things...usually about exterminating you) And Aaron got me a 2D figurine from Gorillaz.

Man, I can see why Jamie Hewlett won "Designer of the Year" in 2006. The Gorillaz art and videos are amazing. Good times says I!!!

You may also notice the totally cool Nintendo mushroom couch throw pillow!

Tamogotchi Connection 2 DS game is also visible in the bottom left here.....super fun game.

And this little piece of awesome was modelled by Kelly for me. I keep it by my desk to watch over me as I animate. She spurs me on to finish up pose testing, for the fun of inbetweening is close at hand!!!
OH inbetweening......i actually finished inbetweening my girl character's skip/leap/ballerina-esque walk cycle last night. I'm fairly happy with it, and I tried to make it good since it's one of 2 scenes that have characters with arms and legs ahah.


Anonymous said...

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Aaron said...

Gash darn spamlets!
Anyhow, I liked when the dalek tried to exterminate my mom. It would have been scarier if it was bigger.

Erica Pitt said...

hahaha usually I'm quick to delete these dumb spam messages but I think I'll leave this one. It's funny.

Yeah Aaron, your mom was pretty surprised by the Dalek hehehe. Too funny.

pinky said...

hehee... I recognize that peach...
I think that Dalek needs to be in every home!