Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Art Show

Aaron and I sent off 4 of our new "flat" Rosenpig stuffed animals to an art show in Baltimore, Maryland. The show is taking place here:

They will have some info on the show up soon. WOO!

I hope the little guys do well. I wish I had had time to do some of the other "Fat" Rosenpigs too, but they do take time to make because they're hand sewn from start to finish, and have a hand painted adventure that Aaron does for each one.

Hooray for the Art Show though!


Aaron said...

How much are you charging those filthy rich american art connoisseurs?

(I'd charge at least a hundred americanos dollareros each)

-maybe a little less - but remember to put an art show premium on them - they were the COOLEST 4!

Anna Gopin said...

hey erica! yeah i think they are worth the hundred americanos dollaros if not more.
hooray for the new generation of flat rosenpigs. hahah

flat bastards

Erica Pitt said...

hahaha Flat Bastards, I like it!!!