Sunday, September 24, 2006

Some more Concept

A couple more layout concepts for my film. I'm trying out a new style so it might take a few trys to get it looking right. I need to work out some textures and overlay effects to them as well to make it look all nice and...texture-ish! But yeah, I did these in photoshop.
The Peach will also look much better hand drawn. I did this one when my tablet was acting up, so I had to switch over to the mouse (uuuug). But at least I don't hate layout right now like I sometimes do.

I'm trying to get all my layouts worked out really quick in photoshop so I can put them into my leica right away. I want to be animating before Xmas. I remember what it was like doing a minute and a half in the 2nd semester last year PLUS cleanup, PLUS scanning and colouring and compositing. So yeah...before Xmas.


Sam said...

awwww, your peach is sooooo cute!!! I can't wait to see
it animated!!

Aaron said...

I'd eat all around the eyeballs, because they're so cute... but I'd probably slobber peach juice into them, which might sting a fair bit...

It sucks being a peach.