Monday, February 05, 2007

Erica's Demo Reel and an Ode to my Favourite pets

Posting up some demo reel action here. I needed to get it on youtube to put on my website so I decided to put it here too.

Aaron has been working hard to create some craziness on the website. Check out the "Learn more about us" link.

I'm also posting another video I found on Youtube the other day. It's like an ode to my favourite dogs......keep watching till the end of the video and you'll be rewarded with some of the best editing I've ever seen hahaha.

the quality is pretty low so my awesome girl skip cycle is a little colour blasted white. But oh well...


Sam said...

Awesome Demo Reel!!!! It's so amazing :) And the pomeranian song... I agree with you that the best part is the editing at the end! and then when the pomeranian licks it's nose :) too funny!

Erica Pitt said...

hahahh Thanks Sam,

that pomeranian is awesome. You can bet that when I get one, I'm going to be making crazy videos of it to awesome songs and posting them on Youtube.
And maybe one day if I'm lucky, my dog will be more famous than Mr. Winkle.


Sam said...

ahahaha yeah that'll be awesome!!! And then i'll have a calender of your pomeranian on it :)