Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Yam Yam the Pomeranian

So Aaron forwarded me an email on friday, because someone at his work needed to find a new home for his cute little pomeranian Yam Yam.

SO I started thinking hey...he's a super cute! I want him sooooo Bad!!!! My mom even offered to keep him at our family's house in Victoria until I got to Vancouver, since Aaron's building is "no pets allowed". But I found out last night someone got to him first, but the guy works in Aaron's department so that's cool (as long as I get to be invited over to his house for visits).

This is what happens when I'm not in Vancouver....I miss out on Prime Pomeranian give away season!

Oh well...soon enough I shall get one, and I'll get it from puppy stage so I don't miss out on all the cute times...although pomeranians are always cute, no matter which age they are.

......sigh.......Yam Yam

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Ceva said...

Wow..... he's a nice pom....... almost like my pup... :P